We are
Marie and Logan

We are wedding videographers in Orlando, Florida. We met in film school, where we discovered that our shared love for cinematography is just one of the many things we have in common.

We like to spend time watching shows and movies, or nerding out about video equipment. We are passionate about the technical but also the artistic aspects of cinema, and we bring that passion into your wedding film.

The experience

"They took the time to really ask the right questions to get a vibe of what we were looking for. Not only were they wonderful videographers but also incredible people as well!"

Arlinda & Jake

It's not just about recording events; it's about creating timeless narratives that resonate with the unique beauty of every love story we encounter.

Our wish is that the emotions they stir within you remain the same whether you watch it today, in a month, or unfold the memories a decade later.

We aspire for our stories to evoke the same emotions, creating an enduring connection that withstands the test of time.

In 2020 we filmed our first wedding together, and from that very moment, we were hooked. The magic of capturing love stories unfolded before us, sparking an instant passion.

Our mission is to transform these beautiful moments into captivating short films that not only document but also elevate the essence of love.

We are fueled by the joy of connecting with each couple, learning their individual stories to infuse our work with a personal touch. 

We view wedding videos as heirlooms for future generations. In a century, your video will tell the tale of who you were and the epic love you shared.

Who are our films for?

Our services may not be the right fit if you're seeking videography merely because it's deemed necessary. We cater to those desiring more than a flashy, trendy party video. If your primary concern is impressing a large guest list, our approach may not align with your expectations.

Those who cherish wedding videos as narratives, valuing connections, intentionality, and storytelling. Fueled by a love for adventures, they exchange vows in unique places, seeking a cinematic experience that captures their love story's essence. Their unique touch lies in a longing for legacy and a nostalgic vibe, ensuring timeless memories of their special day.

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